TIPS and SECRETS - Alan V. Schmukler
Alan V. Schmukler taught homeopathy at Temple University and has been writing, lecturing and consulting on the subject for the last fourteen years. He founded the Homeopathic Study Group of Metropolitan Philadelphia and was Editor of the newsletter, Homeopathy News and Views. He is a Summa Cum Laude and President's Scholar graduate from Temple University. Alan learned homeopathy and other cutting edge healing techniques from individuals such as Dr. Luelle Hamilton, Dr. Robin Murphy, Dr. Henry Williams, Beth Rotondo, Dr. Lance Wright, Dr. Bernie Havilland and Dr. Richard Moscowitz. Alan is currently Associate Editor of Homeopathy4Everyone, worlds largest homeopathy e-journal. He also writes a column called Tips and Secrets and has created many homeopathy cartoons. Earlier in his life, Alan spent three years working at a major hospital doing respiratory therapy. From that experience he was moved to explore other avenues of healing. Alan Schmukler has been helping adults, children and animals for many years. http://hpathy.com/tips-and-secrets/tips-and-secrets/

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TIPS and SECRETS 1 ISOPATHY -The hair of the dog Isopathy Treating disease with the substance that caused the disease. If people have a fixed idea against isopathy, theyre going to fail in a lot of cases, especially acute cases, where the causal agent is known. I had a client whose chief complaint was horrible itching. We narrowed it down to her prescription of Welbutrin, an antidepressant. She had stopped taking it but the itching continued. She told me that people had dropped out of the Welbutrin trials in droves because of the itching! I start taking her case, but it didnt add up to any remedy, that was what made me realize that her remedy was, in fact, potentized Welbutrin! I made a powder out of a Welbutrin tablet, I poured it into a small amount of water, swished it around , then added it to half a small bottle of spring water, succussed 40 times, poured it out, refilled to the starting point and succussed 40 times, and repeated this proceedure 12 times, then I told her to take a sip. She only took the one dose. The next day she told me the itching was tolerable and she didnt have to scratch. A day later, it was gone! So, people, when you know the cause, and the case-taking doesnt add up to a remedy, make a remedy from the causal agent. And thats my tip for the day. *Thanks to: Elaine Lewis U.S.A.
A Burning Question Large vesicles that burn on touch? : Cantharis Ulcerative pain touched, when : Canth. Under Skin page 1333. Kents repertory. The Price of Gas Rectum Diarrhoea, painless involuntary stool falling out on passing flatus: Aloe! Kent Repertory Pages 614, 621, 637 *Thanks to: Gavini Murthy- India
Beware the Camphor Mother! Camphor, mother tincture should be stored separately, away from your homeopathic remedies. Neatness Counts Confirm your choice of remedy with physical evidence. A patient has numerous Arsenicum symptoms, but you want more evidence. In spite of being ill, his house is very neat with everything in place. When you compliment him, he apologizes for his house being such a mess.This is evidence too! *Thanks to: Carol Franske
Winning by a Nose If you dont want to give a remedy by mouth, the inside of the nose works fine and may even give faster results. Moisten a q-tip with a water potency or have the patient dip a finger in the water potency and touch the septum inside the nose. Re-using Dropper Bottles After rinsing them out, instead of boiling, try steaming them with a vegetable steamer. The droppers don?t get thrown about they way they do in boiling water. Incompatible Remedies Just like people Before administering or taking a remedy, check to see if it is compatible with the last one used. Incompatible remedies are those which, if used directly before or after each other, can greatly aggravate the symptoms or confuse the case. Incompatible remedies may follow each other if: 1.There has been an intervening remedy 2. Considerable time has elapsed 3. The first remedy did not act Icompatibles are often remedies whose symptoms pictures are very close, such as Causticum and Phosphorus, Apis and Rhus tox and Silicea and Mercurius. At the end of these Tips and Secrets is a list of incompatible remedies. It is from: A Clinical Repertory to the Materia Medica by Dr. J.H. Clarke. Thanks to: Alan V. Schmukler U.S.A.
David and Goliath When, using very clear and sure homeopathic symptoms, the repertorisation of your case puts a small remedy (you may not know very well) in competition with a polychrest, it is likely that the small remedy will be very homeopathic for the patient. It is like choosing David over Goliath. Thanks to : Edward DeBeukelaer UK
Are You Too Sensitive to Remedies ? Hypersensitivity and idiosyncrasy are two commonly encountered clinical phenomena. Hypersensitivity usually refers to acquired hypersensitivity of the vital force due to external factors like remedy abuse, overexposure to energy treatments, suppressive allopathic treatment, excessive acupuncture, mood enhancing drugs, etc. Idiosyncracy refers to an innate sensitivity of the vital force ($117). Hahnemanns 6th edition Organon suggests that liquid potencies and cup dilutions for c potencies are a good way to deal with sensitivity to remedies. Over time, I have found that there are three requirements to avoid hypersensitive reactions to C potencies and hence some unconventional tips: 1. Reduce the size of the dose that the vital force is exposed to $276 Hence I suggest 1 single dry pill of the appropriate C potency when water doses still aggravate. 2. Reduce the TIME of exposure of the vital force to a dose. For this I suggest that the pill be kept under the tongue for about 5 seconds and then spit it out. Olfaction of a potency for a few seconds is similar. 3. Give the vital force a moderate C potency. 30C is a good potency as it is gentle in that it has the ability to stimulate both emotional as well as physical change in a laid-back manner. In chronic situatIons it can take a couple oF days, in acute situations it can take a couple of hours before the effect oF a single dose is clearly observed. Thanks to: Dr. Leela DSouza, India
Incompatible Remedies Remedy.. Incompatible with Aceticum ac. Arn, Bell, Lach, Merc, Bor,Caust, Nux, Ran b., Sars Allium cepa. Allium s., Alo, Scil Allium sativa Alo, Allium cep, Scil Aloe. Allium s., AlliumCep. Ammonium c. Lach Anantherum.. Wines and spirits Antipyrinum Coffee (the beverage) in excess Apis. Phos, Rhus (in eruptive diseases) Argentum n.. Coffea. (increases headache), Vespa Arnica.. Injurius in bites of dogs or rabid or angry animals, Wine Arum dracon. .. Caladium Arum dracun.. Caladium Arum it. Caladium Arum m. .Caladium Arum t. . Caladium Asterias r. .. Cof, Nux, (Ipec > the inimical effects of Nux) Atropium. Antagonized by Gels. Aurum m. n. . Alcohol, Coffea. Baryta c. .. Calc. Belladonna . Dul, Vinegar, Acetic acid Benzoicum ac. . Wine (< pain in kidneys etc.) Borax.. Acetic acid, Vinegar, Wine Bovista.. Coffea Bryonia.. Calc, Sepia Caladium.. the Arums (drac, triph, mac etc.) Calcarea carb Baryta.c., Bry, Kali bi. (before ), Nit. ac. (after ), Sul (after) Calendula.. Camphora Camphora Calendula, Cof.(after), Kali n., Sac lac Cannabis s. Camphora Cantharis.. Coffea Carbo an. Carbo veg. (?) Carbo v. Carbo an. (?) Caulophyllum.. Coffea Causticum. Acids, Cocc i., Cof, Phos. Chamomilla. Nux, Zinc. Cinchona (China). Digitalinum (after) , Kreosotum (after), Ledum Cistus can. Coffee (as a beverage) Cocculus ind. .. Caust, Coff. Coffea cruda .. Asterias r., Arg n., Canth, Caust, Cistus, Cocc. i., Ignatia, Lactic ac, Millefolium, Stram. Colchicum Acetic ac. (after colch) Conium Psorinum (sometimes) Digitalinum.. Cinchona (china), Nitri spiritus dulc. Dulcamara.. Bell, Lach. Ferrum. Aceticum ac, Beer, Thea, Dig (after) Ferrum Phos. Paris Gelsemium.. Atropinum, Opium Helleborus ori. .. Coffea Hepar Spongia (after) Ignatia.. Cof, Nux (someties), Tabacum Kali n. .. Smelling camphor increases suffering Kreosotum.. Carbo v.(after) Cinchona (after) Lachesis. Aceticum ac, Amm. carb, Dulc, Nitric ac., Psor., Sep. Lacticum ac.. Coffee (as a beverage) Ledum. Cinchona Lycopodium. Cof, after Sul., except in sequence of Sul-Calc-Lyc. Mercurius.. Aceticum ac., Sil. Millefolium. Coffee (as a beverage) Morphinum.. Vinegar Natrum m. Podophyllum (increases the action). Nitri spititus dulcis Dig.,Ran b. Nitricum ac. Lach (after), Calc Nux vom. . Aceticum ac.(after), acids, Asterias r., Ign, Zincum. Paris q. Ferrum p. Phosphorus Apis, Causticum Podophyllum Salt (increases its action) Psorinum Conium, Lach, Sep (?) Ranunculus b. . Aceticum ac. (after), Alcohol, Nitri spititus dulc, Staph, Sul, Vinegar, Wine Rhus tox /Rhus rad. .. Apis (esp. in skin affections) Sarsaparilla. Aceticum ac. (after) Scilla mar. . Allium sat, Allium cep. Secale Aconite, Ars, Bell, Cinch, Merc, Puls. Selenium Cinch., Wine Sepia.. Bry, Lach, Puls Silica.. Merc Staphisagria. Ranunculus.b. Strammonium Coffea Sulphur. Aur. m., Calc (after) Tabacum.. Ign. Thea.. Fer. Vespa Arg. n., Zincum. Cham, Nux, Wine