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  Все о гомеопатии The Homeopathic Treatment of Menopause - Erika Price
http://www.homeoint.org/site/price/menopause.htm The Homeopathic Treatment of MENOPAUSE By Erika Price, DIHom, DHM, BIHF (U.K.)

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KALI CARBONICUM Hot flashes especially in the evening and after exertion; flushing moves upwards; with perspiration on upper part of body day and night, with palpitations, and during slight exertion or mental activity and while writing. Other symptoms during menopause: great nervousness and tension with palpitations; fainting; dry skin; loss of appetite; backaches. Fear of change, they fear the unfamiliar and unproved. They worry about everything. Anxiety is felt in the stomach with butterflies. Symptoms are Better from: warmth, and moist weather, open air, daytime, during the day while moving about, motion, sitting with elbows on knees; and Worse from: cold air in cold weather or surroundings, winter, changes in weather, wet weather, drafts, cold bathing and compresses, overheating, right-side, after sexual intercourse, before menses, 3-5 a.m., early morning, after exertion, sudden motion, stooping, touch, rest, hunger. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Kali carbonicum [KALI-C]-- Antidoted by: COFF, CAMPH. It Antidotes: DULC. Chronic of: COLOC.
KREOSOTUM The whole body feels burning heat and sweats, but is always relieved by warmth. Irritable and restless, and must move constantly especially in the evening and at night. Throw things away and weeps from music. Symptoms are Better from: warmth, motion, warm diet; and Worse from: open air, cold, summer, rest, during and after menses, sexual intercourse, sex touching, lying down, 6 p.m.-6 a.m., bad smells, eating and fasting. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Kreosotum [KREOS]-- Antidoted by: ACON, NUX-V, FERR. Incompatible: CARB-V, taken after CHIN. It Antidotes: GUA, PLB.
LACHESIS Sudden heat flushes and clammy sweats during the day; with heat and burning pain in the vertex (top) of head, heat flushes in face and redness of face; flushing from emotions, from mental exertion, after eating; heat flushes may be with or without perspiration, and sweats may come on with and from mental exertion; hot flashes and sweats at night; perspiration is clammy and may be better after eating; profuse perspiration of female genitals during menopause. Menopause causes many aggravations and one does not feel well during and after. Other symptoms during menopause: constricted feeling around abdomen, worse pressure of cloths; stomach feels empty; sensation of a ball in the throat; weak empty feeling in stomach; diarrhea; hemorrhoids; weariness; difficulty breathing; nose bleeds; dizziness; palpitations; fainting; convulsions; weakness; vertigo and tinnitis; violent and burning headaches at top of head, pain in temples, and left-sided migraines, worse on waking in the morning; high blood pressure, heart feels too large, and there is a cramp-like pain in the chest wall over the heart; palpitations; chest congestion and heavy feeling in chest; cramps during the night; neuralgia; insomnia; convulsions; ovarian fibroids; ovarian cysts; hemorrhoids are worse during menopause; congestion and nervous irritability of female organs and tissue; uterine pains; flooding, heavy menstrual periods and/or non-menstrual bleeding (metrorrhagia) during menopause with black, thick and offensive blood; desire for coffee; bruises easily; hives and boils. High sexual energy and insatiable desire; increased desire during menses, pregnancy and menopause; feels worse from suppressed sexual desire. Depression and irritability comes on before, during and after menopause, and there are strong tendencies to unwarranted suspicion, envy, jealousy, insecurity and resentment. They can be excitable, forgetful, hysterical, and behave like a crazy person. They can suffer insanity and anger with anxiety during menopause. Mental over-excitement, overly talkative changing from one subject to another. Anxiety in the morning and on waking. They are compelled to hurry in every thing they do. There may be poor memory and confusion. Symptoms are Better from: free discharges, loosening cloths, sitting, breathing, open air, cool fresh air, cold, warm compresses, alone, night for mental labor, eating, swallowing food; and Worse from: in the morning and from sleep, menopause, start and close of menses, left-side, left then right side, 11 a.m.; heat of room and sun, warm and or wet weather, warm bath, spring, summer, summer solstice, sun, scratching, touch, pressure, tight constrictive clothes especially around neck, throat or waist, narcotics, empty swallowing. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Lachesis muta [LACH]-- Antidoted by: ALUM, AMBR, ARS, BELL, CARB-V, CEDR, COCC, COFF, MERC, OP, RHUS-T, TARENT; alcohol, salt. Incompatible: ACET-AC, AM-C, CARB-AC, DULC, SEP. It antidotes: APIS, ARS, BUFO, CARB-V, CROT-H, KALI-BI, MAG-P, RHUS-T, RUMX, SABAD. A LACH Aggravation is countered by BELL. Compatible: HEP, LYC.
LYCOPODIUM Hot flashes that move upward to the face, with clammy sticky sweats, worse in the evening, crowded room and warm room; offensive smelling sweats. Other symptoms during menopause: vaginal dryness; involuntary urination; arthritic lumps; rheumatic pain in extremities especially hip and knee; swelling of finger joints; numbness of hands; backaches better for motion; cramps in limbs during the night; anxiety in pit of stomach; fainting worse in a room full of people and warm room; dry skin; boils; varicose veins; osteoporosis; right-sided migraines; tinnitis; difficult breathing; lack of appetite; overweight; weariness before periods; dry skin. They are armored and prickly if they feel censored or criticized, the defensive mode is a hair-triggered anger with similarities to a porcupine. Always defending their autonomy, they tend to be self protective. They dislike confrontation, and prefer diplomacy. Anticipation anxiety, performance anxiety, stage-fright, an upcoming engagement, pre-examination nerves, with fear of public failure, and of breaking down under stress, but they perform well. Symptoms are Better from: movement, motion of limbs on beginning to move, sitting, lying on back, bending forward, cool air, open air, loosening or removing clothing, belching and passing flatus, urinating, alone with someone in next room; sympathy, after midnight, eating; and Worse from: afternoon, 4-8 p.m., awakening, right side, extending to left side, rest, after sleep, sexual intercourse, tight clothing, warm room or heat, hot air, change of temperature, cold air, wind, wet, stormy weather, warm compresses, sunburn, alone, a room full of people, sexual intercourse. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Lycopodium clavatum [LYC]-- Antidoted by: ACON, ARG-N, CAMPH, CAUST, CHAM, COFF, MERC, NUX-V, PULS. Incompatible: COFF; coffee. It Antidotes: ALL-S, ALOE, CAMPH, CHIN, MERC, SABAD, TAB. Compatible: BELL, BRY, CARB-V, CALC, GRAPH, HYOS, LACH, LED, PHOS, SEP, SIL, STRAM, SULPH, VERAT. Chronic of: CHEL, IOD, PULS, RHUS-T.
NATRUM MURIATICUM Menopausal dryness and vaginal thinning; intense vaginal pain. Flooding is excessive and heavy. Emotionally delicate, retentive, mulls and dwells about the past and is resentful. There is great fear of loss, of losing a lover, loss of a loved one, a parent or their child. Dread of abandonment, betrayal, and the loss the self. Fear of and sensitive to rejection and being hurt emotionally. They can feel ignored, deserted, forsaken and abandoned. Solitary and tearful depression as a result of suppressing sadness and an unconscious fear of emotional pain. Unresolved grief from the past and their childhood. Symptoms are Better from: when alone, open air, cold, cold bathing, lying down and after, continual movement, walking, evening, during and after perspiring, empty stomach, fasting; and Worse from: morning, 10-11 a.m., being consoled, sympathy, weeping, talking, after eating, hot bathing, warmth, heat, sun, summer, seaside, damp, stormy weather, thunderstorm, spring. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Natrum muriaticum [NAT-M]-- Antidoted by: ARS, CAMPH, NUX-V, PHOS, SEP It Antidotes: AGN, ALUM, APIS, ARG-N, CHIN, QUIN. Compatible: EUP-PER, IGN; before- SEP, THUJ; after- CALC-P, FERR-P, KALI-M, KALI-P, KALI-S, NAT-S. Chronic of: APIS, CAPS, BRY, IGN.
NUX VOMICA Hot flashes while eating dinner, and from movement, with nausea, and better lying down; and profuse perspiration on face and in the evening, of female genitals, and from anxiety. Other symptoms during menopause: fast pulse; heavy periods; non-menstrual bleeding (metrorrhagia); faintness. Aggressive and hyper with a fiery temperament. Nervous irritability with anxiety and frayed nerves in the business person and executive type. A true addictive personality whose vehicle for escape and dependencies may change, but addiction is always present. Power and control can be the drug. They are anxious about their condition and talks constantly about their sufferings and health. Angry and delusional imaginings during menopause. Symptoms are Better from: passing wind, free discharges, darkness, evening, at rest, lying down, napping in the evening, wet, moist air, damp weather, strong pressure, wrapping head, fasting; and Worse from: stimulants, drugs, alcohol, coffee, tea, noise, music, odors, sitting, touch, pressure, cold, cold weather, cold wind, dry weather, chilly air, drafts, disturbed sleep, 2-3 a.m., early morning, mental exertion, sexual intercourse, anger, disappointment, sedentary habits, overheating, after meals, over-eating. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Nux vomica [NUX-V]-- Antidoted by: ACON, AMBR, AM-M, ARS, BELL, BRY, CAMPH, CHAM, COCC, COFF, IGN, IRIS, MEZ, OP, PALL, PHOS, PLAT, STRAM, THUJ; wine, coffee. Incompatible: ASTER, IGN, ZINC; wine, coffee. It antidotes: ACON, AESC, ALL-C, ALOE, AMBR, AM-C, ALUMN, ARS, BRY, CALC, CARB-AN, CARB-V, CAUST, CHAM, CHIN, COLCH, CUPR, GLON, GRAPH, GRAT, GUAI, IP, IRIS, KALI-BR, KREOS, LIL-T, LITH-C, LYC, MAG-C, MAG-M, MERC, MEZ, NAT-M, NUX-M, PHOS, PODO, PULS, STRAM, STRY, TAB, TELL, THUJ. Compatible: SULPH & before SULPH. Acute of: SEP, SULPH. Chronic of: PULS.
PHOSPHORUS Hot flashes as if dashed with warm water, coming upwards from the stomach or back, and with weakness, also coming on during sleep or in the evening; heat flushes from emotions, or alternating with anger; sweating is clammy and profuse on the front of body, abdomen and chest. Other symptoms during menopause: hemorrhaging and profuse bleeding during peri-menopause; weakness; fast pulse; numb hands; involuntary urination; dry skin; osteoporosis; itchy scalp; left-sided headaches, or migraines; sudden fainting worse in a warm room; weight gain with fluid retention; craves salt and sweets; difficulty breathing. Diffusion, in essence a spreading outward emotionally without boundaries, they drift with the current. Free-floating anxiety and panic attacks with fear are common. They become more anxious and fearful when alone and desires company. Fear that something will happen, of death especially in the evening, at night, when alone in bed. They can also be terrified in a room full of people if they cannot think of what to talk about. Weeping ameliorates their fear and anxiety. There is poor memory, confusion, and they are over-excitable. Depression when they are alone with a need reassurance, sympathy and people around them. Symptoms are Better from: warmth, open air, cold bathing, sleeping, even short nap, in the dark, massage, sympathy; and Worse from: left-side, lying in bed, putting hands in cold water, bathing in luke warm water, getting wet in hot weather, twilight, during sunset, evening, dark, electrical changes, lightning, during thunder, stormy and windy weather, sudden changes of weather, drenching rains, cold (except headaches), winter, odors, smell of food and flowers, emotions, alone, sexual excess, lose of fluids, narcotics and anesthetic drugging. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Phosphorus [PHOS]-- Antidoted by: ARG-N, ARS, CALC, COFF, MEZ, NUX-V, SEP, TER. Incompatible: CAUST & should not precede or follow CAUST; coffee, wine. It Antidotes: BRY, CALC, CAMPH, IOD, MEZ, NAT-M, NUX-V, PETR, RUMX, STANN, TAB, TER; turpentine, chloroform. Compatible: CIST, LYC, MAG-C. Chronic of: ALL-CEP.
PSORINUM Heat flushing as if warm water is poured over one, with perspiration moving upwards; hot flashes in the face in the evening, after eating, and during heat; hot flushes prevent sleep. Other symptoms during menopause: painful periods near menopause; heavy periods during menopause; non-menstrual bleeding (metrorrhagia); involuntary urination; brittle fingernails; skin eruptions. Depression, morose, cross and irritability during menopause. A deep persistent depression and chronic despondency is full of remorse, despair, dejection, fear, insecurity and feeling forsaken. Low self-esteem and lack of confidence, they feel underprivileged, undeserving, the underdog, and defeated before they've started. Fatalistic and pessimistic, they feel doomed and despair of recovery and constant dwelling on dying. They wring their hands anxiously. Symptoms are Better from: heat, warmth, summer, wrapping up warmly, warm clothing always, holding arms away from body, bathing, while eating, rest, free profuse perspiration; and Worse from: cold, air-conditioning, open air, out of doors, changes in weather, from cold to warm, drafts, autumn, hot sunshine, winter, before and during thunderstorms, before electrical storm, spring (skin affections reappear), uncleanliness, while fasting, after eating. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Psorinum [PSOR]-- Antidoted by: SEP. Inimical: CON, SEP, coffee.
PULSATILLA Hot flashes of especially the face, and the rest of the body feels chilly when not flushing; hot sweats worse at night and from heat, but is not thirsty; is almost always weepy. Other symptoms during menopause: vaginal yeast infections; cervical erosion; asthma starting during menopause; irregular periods; uterine pains and non-menstrual bleeding (metrorrhagia); involuntary urination; varicose veins; nose bleeds; left-sided migraines and headaches with pain in temples; tinnitis; palpitations; insomnia; skin bruises easily; rheumatic pains in extremities, especially hip pains; weight gain; fluid retention; desires sweets; osteoporosis; post menopausal ailments and hormonal disturbances (estrogen). Female problems and hormonal imbalances of menopause, miscarriage, and infertility. Given constitutionally it regulates high estrogen metabolism with progesterone imbalance. Highly emotional and feminine people who fear being neglected, feel easily slighted and craves sympathy. Though generally mild mannered, their personalities can bend "which ever way the wind blows," changeable, blowing hot and cold. Constant and lifelong fears of anything or everything, with fixed ideas about religion, sex and food. They are weighed down by their anxiety and feel cautious, discouraged and suicidal. Depression with feelings of abandonment, neglect and dependency on others. Anxiety is felt in the stomach. Depression and weepiness. Mental imbalance, changeable moods, over-excitable; claustrophobia; anxiety in pit of stomach during peri-menopausal period. Symptoms are Better from: fresh open air, cool rooms, windows open, cold, dry weather, cold bathing, cold compresses, slow walking, gentle motion, weeping, sympathy, evening; and Worse from: heat and warmth, warm rooms, humid conditions, change in weather from cold to warm and warm to cold, being chilled and wet weather; too many clothes, warm compresses, late afternoon, evening, night, after eating. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Pulsatilla [PULS]-- Antidoted by: ANT-T, ARG-M, ARG-N, ASAF, NUX-V, IGN, CHAM, COFF, SPIG, STANN; coffee. Incompatible: SEP. It antidotes: AGAR, AMBR, ANT-T, ARG-M, ARS, ARUM-T, ASAF, AUR, BELL, CANTH, CHAM, CHIN, CHIN-S, COFF, COLCH, DAPH, EUPHR, FERR, HAM, IGN, KALI-BI, KALI-M, LIL-T, LITH-C, LYC, MAG-C, PLAT, RAN-B, SABAD, SABIN, SEL, SPIG, STANN, STRAM, SUL-AC, SULPH, TAB, THUJ, VALER, VIOL-T. Acute of: NUX-V, SIL, SULPH.
SEPIA Hot flashes that move upward with profuse perspiration, and weakness after a flush; especially during the day in the afternoon, in the evening and at night, and worse for slightest exertion mental or physical; anxiety during hot flashes; hot sweats worse at night; offensive smelling sweats; profuse perspiration of female genitals during menopause. Other symptoms during menopause: anxiety; palpitations; weakness and sudden fainting worse before periods and in a room full of people; sinking sensation in the stomach; weight gain; increased or lack of appetite; difficult breathing; hair loss; migraines, left-sided headaches, burning at top of head; nose bleeds; early, irregular and heavy periods with flooding; congestion and nervous irritability of female organs and tissue; backaches better for movement; involuntary urination; nose bleeds; osteoporosis; vaginal discharge, vaginal dryness; vaginal yeast infections; vaginal pain during sexual intercourse; uterine pain; ovarian pain; cervical erosion; heavy menstrual periods during, metrorrhagia during and after menopause; total loss of sexual libido; constipation; weariness; generally chilly. Hysterical tendencies during menopause; anxiety and mental imbalance in peri-menopause and during menopause. Anxiety during menopause with flushes of heat. Anxiety in the evening but improves in the morning. Anxiety makes them walk faster. Agoraphobia with fear of going out; dread of meeting with friends. Claustrophobia in narrow places. Poor memory and difficulty concentrating worse under stress; irritable and over-sensitive. Menopause causes may symptoms. Depression is worse on waking in the morning, but better after getting up. They become indifferent to everything and everyone with disgust for life. They do not want to do anything, neither work nor play, even thinking is an exertion. They tend sulk and lash out at those closest. Withdraws and may use alcohol or marijuana to escape. Symptoms are Better from: vigorous exercise and motion, walking fast, rapid motion, dancing, lying down, rising up, napping, crossing limbs, open air, during a storm, thunder and lightnings, afternoon, evening after eating, when alone, firm pressure, touch, loosening clothes, heat/warmth, hot compresses, drawing up limbs, after sleep, afternoon, darkness, tobacco; and Worse from: rest, lying in bed, before sleep, during first sleep, after sleep in the morning, slow movement, physical exertion, jarring, kneeling, stooping, while standing, touch, after sex, sexual excess, before and during menses, left-side, consolation, morning, evening, emotional upsets, becoming cold, open air, when heated, before thunderstorms, full moon, increasing and decreasing moon, spring, winter, dusk, during and after perspiration, washing. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Sepia [SEP]-- Antidoted by: ACET-AC, ACON, ANT-C, ANT-T, ARG-N, RHUS-T, SULPH; vegetable acids. Incompatible: LACH, PULS, PSOR. It Antidotes: ANAC, CALC, CIST, DAPH, RHUS-T, ANT-T, NAT-M; CHIN, MERC, NAT-P, PHOS, PSOR, SARS, SULPH, TAB. Compatible: EUP-PER, LYC. Chronic of: IGN, NUX-V.
STAPHYSAGRIA Vaginal dryness and thinning, atrophic vaginitis, with very painful soreness from sexual intercourse; involuntary urination. Symptoms are Better from: after breakfast, while eating, lying in bed, after lying down, warmth and heat, after sexual intercourse, light, yawning, rest; and Worse from: early morning, 3 p.m., waking, after sleep, after afternoon nap, dehydration, mental affections and emotional upsets from anger, thinking of symptoms, sexual excesses, suppressed sexual desire. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Staphysagria [STAPH]-- Antidoted by: AMBR, CAMPH. Incompatible: RAN-B also before or after. It Antidotes: AMBR, COLOC, MERC, PH-AC, OP, THUJ. Chronic of: COLOC.
SULPHUR Hot flashes in the chest and ascending upwards to the face, heat in head; that are worse for heat of any kind, in a warm room, in the evening, at night, and in a room full of people; weakness after a flush; hot sweats day and night; heat flushes with perspiration worse before periods and in a room full of people. Other symptoms during menopause: heavy periods or non-menstrual bleeding (metrorrhagia) during menopause; sleepiness and insomnia; fast pulse; fainting; nose bleeds; burning feet, soles, palms, and top of head, heat in head; rheumatic pains in extremities; cramps in limbs during the night; left-sided headaches and migraines; tinnitis; asthma starting during menopause; heavy periods during; osteoporosis; feet and soles burning; skin eruptions, rashes, infections, itching, hives, boils, dry skin; bruises easily; tingling, prickling or legs falls asleep; diarrhea; vaginal pain during sexual intercourse; flatulence, stools like balls; weight gain; lack of appetite, craves sweets worse before periods; weariness. Nervous and irritable they are prone to anxiety about their health and skin, and they are not easily reassured. The anger may be suppressed, but is expressed as anxious itching especially of the skin. Anxiety and fear with butterflies in stomach. Depression, irritability, and weeping during menopause. Depression with cowardice and despondency. Taciturn irritability accompanies their depression which can be with constant dwelling on their condition with wringing of their hands. Weepiness. They feel generally worse during menopause. Chaos is appealing and they find clutter and messy surroundings comforting, or has a theoretical desire for neatness. Symptoms are Better from: open air, must have windows open, dry, warm weather, dry heat, walking, motion, darkness, lying on the right side, lying on affected part, movement, scratching, motion, after perspiring; and Worse from: heat of any kind, being heated, warmth of bed, warm room, atmospheric changes, wet weather, stormy weather, extreme cold, water, bathing, menopause, hunger, delay in eating, suppressions, periodically, at rest, after long sleep, staying in one position, standing still, sustained effort, talking, morning, 11 a.m., night, wool, vaccinations, narcotics. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Sulphur [SULPH]-- Antidoted by: ACON, ARG-N, BRY, CAMPH, CHIN, FERR, HYDR, MERC, PETR, PULS, RHUS-T, SEP, SIL, THUJ. Incompatible: RAN-B, tea. It Antidotes: ACON, ALOES, ALUMN, BRY, CALC, CANTH, CHIN, COP, GUA, HYDR, IOD, MERC, NIT-AC, OLND, PHYT, RHUS-T, SEP, THUJ. Compatible: CALC (before or during, but do no follow), CALC-P, CHAM, LYC, MANG, MED, NUX-V, SARS.
SULPHURICUM ACIDUM Hot flashes in face, with clammy, sticky sweats, worse in the evening, at night, and after exercise; red face; with perspiration and especially while eating warm food. Other symptoms during menopause of: trembling inside; pains at menopause; cervical erosion; prolapse uterus and vagina; emptiness in stomach; nosebleeds; canker sores and mouth ulcers; alcoholism; weariness. Older women who are weak during the menopausal years. Hurry and haste in movements, cannot do things fast enough. Irritable and fretful over slightest cause. Symptoms are Better from: warmth, moderate temperatures, rest, hands near head; and Worse from: menopause, lifting arms, odor of coffee, evening. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Sulfuricum acidum [SUL-AC]-- Antidoted by: PULS. It Antidotes: CAP, IP; lead poisoning.
Herbal Supplements - Natural Forms of Estrogen In addition to homeopathic treatment, natural phytoestrogen supplementation can be helpful. Phytoestrogen stimulates estrogen production if your levels are low. It also lowers hormone levels that are too high. Estriol, one of the natural forms of estrogen which occurs in plants, is not patentable and has, therefore, basically been ignored by pharmaceutical companies because they can't make enough money producing it. It can help to get natural forms of estrogen. Natural forms of gentle estrogens are available from soy products, wild yams, and many plant species containing phytoestrogens including, for example: Chinese Ginseng, Black cohosh, Licorice root, Sarsaparilla, Dong Quai, Damiana, Motherwort, Mexican Yam, Chaste Berry, Red clover, Alfalfa, Fennel. Another good source is bioflavonoids from fruits. These do not overload your body with estrogen, nor do they stimulate the growth of estrogen-sensitive tissues in your breasts and uterus which can cause cancer. Other natural supplements: Evening Primrose oil caps, Royal Jelly; Bee pollen. Vitamin E, B complex, C, & D, Calcium citrate & Magnesium together, are excellent supplements before, during, and after menopause. Because fat cells can also make small amounts of estrogen, women who are overweight when they are going through menopause may have fewer problems with hot flashes and osteoporosis (both of which are related to lack of estrogen).