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  Все о гомеопатии The Homeopathic Treatment of Menopause - Erika Price
http://www.homeoint.org/site/price/menopause.htm The Homeopathic Treatment of MENOPAUSE By Erika Price, DIHom, DHM, BIHF (U.K.)

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Risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy Women are always being treated by their doctors with harmful drugs to control their reproductive systems and natural cycles. This is especially true during menopause. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is the latest, favorite, quick and easy solution to supposedly prevent the natural aging process and its problems. Medical doctors don't know what to do to help women without using harmful drugs. And, the drug companies must make lots of money even if their solutions are harmful. HRT for menopause is quite controversial, even in the allopathic medical world, because of the serious health risks and undesirable "side effects" of taking estrogen. Its long-term safety and efficacy remain a matter of great concern. Their own list of concerns includes: The most common side affects: bloating, weight gain, irritability and, rarely, depression. For the first three to six months, vaginal spotting occurs in 30% to 50% of women taking continuous estrogen and progestin. Serious risks: the increased risk of developing breast cancer (by 25% and worse in women if there is current cancer or a family history), and Uterine cancer by up to eight fold in women with an intact uterus; Undiagnosed vaginal bleeding; Acute liver disease; Gall bladder disease; Pancreatic disease; blood clots; Stroke; Heart attack. Relative risks: Hypertension, Benign breast disease, Benign uterine disease, Endometriosis, Pancreatitis, Epilepsy, Migraine headaches. Subjective Complaints of: Nausea; Headaches; Breakthrough bleeding; Depression; Fluid retention.
SYMPTOMS during MENOPAUSE Use these keywords with your browser's find/search function to find the relevant remedies: Hot Flashes * Heat Flushes * Perspiration * Sweating * Flooding Menstrual Cycle Irregularities * Metrorrhagia Vaginal Dryness * Atrophic Vaginitis * Vaginal Thrush * Vaginal Discharge Yeast Infections * Vaginal Pain * Cervical Erosion * Cystitis Involuntary Urination * Fibroids * Uterus * Hair Loss * Neuralgia Arthritis * Osteoporosis * Varicose Veins Excitable * Palpitations * Depression * Nervousness * Anxiety * Fear Irritable Anger * Restless * Grief * Insomnia * Weeping * Hysteria Constipation * Diarrhea * Allergies * Headaches * Migraines * Tinnitis * Vertigo Obesity * Weight Gain * Fluid retention * Appetite Weakness * Weariness * Dizziness * Light-headed * Fainting Trembling * Numbness * Deafness * Skin Problems Backaches * Stomach * Difficulty Breathing * Pulse * High Blood Pressure Convulsions * Hemorrhoids * Sexual * Nose Bleeds * Cramps Feet * Swelling * Canker Sores * Addiction * Alcohol
REMEDY INDICATIONS for MENOPAUSE The Homeopathic remedy FOLLICULINUM in LM potency, is the most beneficial remedy for general use in any woman during peri-menopause, menopause, post menopause, and after a hysterectomy or ovary removal (which causes premature menopause). It stimulates the continuing natural production of estrogen by the ovaries and by the other organs which also make small amounts of estrogen including the adrenal glands, liver, and kidneys. The LM potency was the last great development by Samuel Hahnemann and is, unfortunately, ignored by most homeopaths. LM's are the fastest, most gentle, and deepest acting of all potencies. They are taken on a daily basis. They must be prepared for the patient by a knowledgeable classical homeopath because Folliculinum LM potencies are not available in pharmacies in the proper form for patient dosing.
FOLLICULINUM Folliculinum is made from ovarian follicle, which is folliculin, the natural hormone secreted by the ovaries and also known as oestron. Folliculinum can be alternated daily with any other appropriate remedy. Folliculinum for hormonal symptoms during menopause of: Hot flashes: night sweats, feels hot and bothered, and facial flushing. Vaginal dryness. Yellow or brownish vaginal discharge. Menstrual cycle irregularities: either too short, too long, or none at all; flooding; pre-menstrual syndrome. Fibroids. Cystitis that recurs premenstrually, or chronic cystitis in menopause, chronic E. coli infections. Candida, yeast infections. Hair loss. Cardio-vascular problems: angina, palpitations, tachycardia, and other heart irregularities. Dizziness, air hunger, and faintness. Headaches and migraines. Weight gain without over eating, both obesity and water retention; and can gain up to seven pounds before periods. Abdominal swelling and heaviness; bloating; stomach rumblings. Chronic constipation, sometimes alternating with diarrhea. Heavy feeling in rectum. Swollen liver. Cravings for sugar and wheat. Allergies of all sorts, hay-fever, allergic reactions. Skin rashes; itching; dry and chapping eczema; easy bruising. Feels drained emotionally or psychologically; over estimates her energy reserves. Is full of self-denial. There can be panic attacks. Hyperactive worse for resting. Symptoms are: Better from: during menses except specific menstrual symptoms, after the 3rd day of menses, movement, fresh air, hard pressure. Worse from: before menses, from and during ovulation until to menses, heat, warmth, noise, touch, resting, motion.
Other remedies for Peri-menopause, menopause and post menopausal. Take 12c potency 1-3 times daily as needed. ACONITUM NAPELLUS Hot flashes in the evening. Anxiety, panic attacks and over-excitable during menopause. Other symptoms during menopause: faintness during peri-menopausal period, and fast pulse; insomnia. Symptoms are: Better from: open, fresh air, rest, perspiring, movement; and Worse from: stuffy warm room, becoming over-heated, very hot weather, being chilled, evening and night, before midnight. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Aconite napellus [ACON]-- Antidoted by: ACET-AC, ALCOHOL, ACTEA-R, BELL, BERB, BRY, COFF, MEZ, NIT-AC, NUX-V, PARIS-Q, PETR, SULPH, VINUM. It Antidotes: ALUM, ARN, BELL, BRY, CANTH, CHAM, CHEL, COFF, DOL, GLON, GRAPH, KALM, KREOS, LYC, MEZ, NIT-AC, NUX-V, PETR, SEP, SPONG, STRY, SULPH, VERAT, VERAT-S. Incompatible: vegetable acid & wine, alcohol. Compatible: HEP. Acute of: ALUM, SULPH.
AMYLENUM NITROSUM Hot flashes that comes on very suddenly and unexpectedly, with congestion to the head, heat of especially the face followed by profuse sweating, with anxiety and palpitations; flushing of face provoked by the least emotion and which can spread to other parts of the body; profuse perspiration of female genitals during menopause. Other symptoms during menopause: throbbing headaches with burning sensation in head and ears, with surging of blood to head and face, face is fiery red, migraine worse left side; congestion of female organs. Hysterical tendencies with great anxiety as if something bad might happen. Cannot sit still, and constant stretching of limbs. Symptoms are Better from: open air, exercise in open air, cold water; and Worse from: menopause, heat, close room, emotions, slight causes. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Amylenum nitrosum [AMYL-N]-- Antidotes: CACTUS, STRY, ERGOT.
ARGENTUM NITRICUM Heat flushing during peri-menopause. Flooding; hemorrhage of non-menstrual bleeding (metrorrhagia) during menopause; involuntary urination. Depression during menopause with feelings of being neglected or forsaken, abandoned, and isolated. Oversensitive regarding anything they consider an undeserved slight. They feel enveloped in a dark cloud. Excitable during peri-menopausal period. They will avoid ordeals of any kind. Symptoms are Better from: fresh air, cold air, riding or walking in cold winds, cold bathing and compresses, after belching, in company; and Worse from: heat of any kind, being overdressed, summer, at night and early morning- 11 a.m., crowded room, mental exertion or excitement, from emotions, events, disturbances, sweets, sugar, right-side. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Argentum nitricum [ARG-N]-- Antidoted by: ARS, MERC, NAT-M; milk. It Antidotes: CALC, LYC, PHOS, PULS, RHUS-T, SEP, SIL, STANN, SULPH. Incompatible: coffee, milk.
AURUM METALLICUM Mild heat flushes during peri-menopause. Depression before during and after menopause. They feel surrounded by a darkness, in a black cloud. They crave sunlight and dislike cloudy days. They feel hopeless, despairing and doomed, and there is a sense of utter worthlessness, which is followed by self-destructive attitudes. Symptoms are Better from: sunny weather, dry weather, cool open air, warm bed, movement, walking in open air, evening, music, moonlight; and Worse from: grief, emotions, excitement, failure, cloudy weather, winter, spring, from sunset to sunrise, night. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Aurum metallicum [AUR]-- Antidoted by: BELL, CHIN, COCC, COFF, CUPR, MERC, PULS, SPIG, SOL-N. It antidotes: MERC, SPIG, KALI-I.
BELLADONNA Hot flashes especially in the afternoon, sweaty face and the face is red and burning; with profuse perspiration of female genital. Other symptoms during menopause of: vaginal dryness; non menstrual bleeding; headaches with pain in temples, left-sided migraines; tinnitis; yeast infections; ovarian cysts; involuntary urination; boils; fast pulse; palpitations; intolerance of pressure and touch; weakness; insomnia; weight gain with fluid retention; arthritis; osteoporosis; worse for sudden jarring or unexpected motion. Excited mental states with intensity of symptoms and the desire to escape. Lively, with a sensitive, nervous disposition. Changeable moods, over-excitable, anxious, restless, agitated, confusion, poor memory, fearful. Symptoms are Better from: rest in bed, lying down in a semi-erect position, bending back or inward, warmth; and Worse from: drafts, cold, sudden change in weather, from warm to cold weather, cold compresses, summer, sun, right-side, bright light, touch, jarring movement, afternoon, 3 p.m. and after, 10-midnight and after, interrupted sex, aspirin, narcotic drugs. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Belladonna [BELL]-- Antidoted by: ACON, BAR-C, CAMPH, CANTH, COFF, FERR, MERC, OP, PLAT, PULS. It Antidotes: ACON, ARUM-T, ANTIP, AUR, ARS, BAR-C, BERB, BRY, CANTH, CHAM, CHIN, COLCH, COP, CUPR, GRAT, FERR, HEP, HYOS, KALI-M, KALM, LACH, MAG-C, MAG-P, MERC, NUX-V, OP, PHYT, PLAT, PLB, RHUS-T, RUMX, SARS, STRAM, VALER. Incompatible: DULC, ACET-AC; acetic acid- lemon juice, fruit, vinegar, coffee & tea. Compatible: LYC, CIST, MAG-M. Acute of: CALC (which is often required to complete a cure), SIL, SULPH.
BRYONIA Hot flashes as if warm water was poured over the body. Other symptoms during menopause and post menopause of: fast pulse; vaginal dryness, atrophic vaginitis, thinning of vaginal walls; faintness in a warm room; headaches before periods, right-sided migraine; constipation with hard, burnt looking stools; easy bruising; swollen finger joints; arthritis, rheumatic knee pains; dry cough or sore throat; difficulty breathing; insomnia; fluid retention; ovarian cysts. Mental confusion, morose, complaining, and easily prone to anger over small matters. Anxiety with insecurity about the future and poverty. They have a great desire for stillness. Symptoms are Better from: rest, peace and quiet, sitting, cool open air, cold and warm compresses, evening; and Worse from: slightest movement, physical exertion, warmth, change of weather, from cold to warm, hot weather, summer after cool days, hot stuffy room, morning, afternoon, 9 p.m., 3 a.m. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Bryonia alba [BRY]-- Antidoted by: ACON, ALUM, ANT-C, BELL, BERB, CARB-V, CAMPH, CHAM, CLEM, FERR, IGN, MEZ, MUR-AC, NUX-V, PHOS, PULS, RHUS-T, RHUS-T, SENEGA, SULPH. It antidotes: ACON, ALUM, ANT-C, ANT-T, CALC, CHAM, CHLOR, CHIN, CLEM, DAPH, FRAG, LAC-AC, MEZ, MERC, NUX-V, RAN-B, RHOD, RHUS-T, SCROF, SULPH. Incompatible: CALC (which it should not follow); acid, lemon. Compatible: LYC. Acute of: ALUM, NAT-M.
CALCAREA CARBONICA Hot flashes moving upwards with hot sweats and perspiration on face and hands, worse before periods and alternating with anxiety, palpitations, and chills. During menopause they feel fatigue and chilliness without cause. Other symptoms during menopause of: flooding; menstrual periods and non-menstrual bleeding (metrorrhagia) during and after menopause; congestion of female organs; cramps in limbs during the night; dry skin; legs fall asleep; backaches especially in damp weather; arthritic lumps; swelling of finger joints; osteoporosis; left-sided headaches worse before periods; tinnitis; weight gain; yeast infections; cervical erosion; varicose veins. They are generally weary and worse during menopause. Anxious and distressed feelings are brought on easily from their very own thoughts and from thinking about "it." If ill or anxious, they become spineless and are sure they going to die. Their have feelings of inadequacy. Anxiety in pit of stomach, fearful with claustrophobia and agoraphobia. Easily alarmed and distressed by physical disfigurement, they cannot bear to be observed. They suffer from poor memory, confusion, irritability, and weepiness. Symptoms are Better from: dry climate and weather, window open, breathing fresh air, heat and warmth, rest, loosening clothing, talking or being with others, when constipated; and Worse from: raw cold, drafts, humidity, weather change, from warm to cold, overheating, wetness, warmth of bed, full moon, any exertion, mental or physical, ascending stairs and hills, lifting, stooping, straining, alone, at night, morning on waking, after midnight, 3 a.m., 2 p.m., right-side, pressure of clothes, worry, mentals after sex, before menses, during menses, menopause. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Calcarea carbonica [CALC]-- Antidoted by: ARG-N, BRY, CAMPH, CHIN, HEP, IP, MEZ, NIT-AC, NIT-S-D, NUX-V, PHOS, SEP, SULPH (if taken after). Incompatible: BAR-C, BRY (should not precede before CALC), BAR-C, HEP; KALI-BI, SULPH & NIT-AC (should not follow CALC); (onions & garlic?). It antidotes: AGAR, ANT-C, BISM, CHIN, CHIN-S, COP, DIG, MEZ, NIT-AC, PHOS. Compatible: after ALL-C, LYC, during SULPH but not after. Chronic of: BELL.
CIMICIFUGIA RACEMOSA Hot flashes in the evening at 10:30 p.m. Other symptoms during menopause of: external numbness and feeling as if whole body is numb; pain under left breast; uterine pain; jerking movements; insomnia. Particularly for active women; with rheumatic conditions, who are nervous and suffer ovarian irritation, uterine cramps and heavy limbs. Depression with sensation of gloomy cloud enveloping her. Symptoms are Better from: rest, warmth, warm wraps, open air, eating, continued motion, pressure, grasping things; and Worse from: menopause, during menses, morning, night, cold (except headache), damp cold air, change of weather, movement, emotions, alcohol. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Cimicifuga racemosa [CIMIC]-- Antidoted by: LYCPS.
GRAPHITES There is obesity and/or real noted weight gain during menopause. Hot flushes especially in the face; with red and flushed face; heat flushing ascends upwards to and of the face; sweating on front of body from slightest exertion, sweats with offensive odor. Other symptoms during menopause: nosebleeds; cutting pains in lower abdomen; skin symptoms; red discoloration of the face; numbness of hands; brittle fingernails; skin eruptions, skin rashes on back of neck, itchy scalp; fainting that is worse in a warm room; weakness; left-sided headaches and migraines; scanty periods or heavy periods, non-menstrual bleeding (metrorrhagia); yeast infections, vaginal discharge; vaginal dryness; ovarian cysts; arthritic lumps; tinnitis; fainting in a warm room; flatulence and cutting pains; sudden weakness and weariness. They feel generally worse during menopause. Matter of fact people, who are basically uncomplicated, warm hearted and down to earth. Indecisive, fickle and cautious, any problems make them vacillate and hesitate. Anxious, moody and full of fearful forebodings especially about the future, and they fear the loss of loved ones. Depression, weepiness, over-excitable, irritability and difficulty concentrating. Symptoms are Better from: open fresh air, wrapping up warmly, in the dark, resting, night, belching, after eating; and Worse from: cold, and damp conditions, night, before midnight, on waking, warmth of bed, wet feet, during and after menses, menopause, suppression of skin eruptions with steroids, scratching, left-side. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Graphites [GRAPH]-- Antidoted by: ACON, ARS, CAMPH, CHIN, NUX-V. Incompatible: RHUS-T, wine. It antidotes: ARS-I, RHUS-T. Compatible: LYC.
IGNATIA AMARA Hot flashes with sensation as if about to perspire but no moisture; perspiration in single parts, especially during forenoon, and ameliorated while eating. Anxiety during flushes of heat during menopause. Other symptoms during menopause: headaches; sinking feeling in stomach; vaginal sensitivity and nervous irritability of female organs and tissue; sinking feeling. Depression and grief, with hysterical tendencies, nervousness, and irritability during menopause. They are on an emotional roller-coaster and there is emotional intensity and can enjoy being sad. They suffer many internal conflict with themselves. Symptoms are Better from: while eating, warmth, change of position, when alone, deep breathing, walking, occupation and diversion, distracting activity; and Worse from: emotions, chagrin, worry, fright, loss of a person or possession dear to them, grief, repressed anxiety, suppressed depression, consolation, at the same hour each day, morning, open air, cold, external warmth, after meals, tobacco, smoking, strong odors, right side, yawning, standing, before and during menses. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Ignatia imara [IGN]-- Antidoted by: ACET-AC, ARN, CAMPH, CHAM, COCC, COFF, PULS. Incompatible: COFF, TAB, NUX-V; coffee, sweets. It antidotes: ARN, BRY, CALAD, CHAM, NUX-V, PULS, SEL, ZINC; brandy, chamomile tea, coffee, tobacco. Compatible: NAT-M. Acute of: NAT-M, SEP, SIL.
KALI BROMATUM Hot flashes in the face. Other symptoms during menopause of: flooding and heavy periods during menopause; pains in the uterus; breast pain; vaginal thrush; rheumatoid arthritis, chronic back or neck pains; involuntary urination; progressive deafness; headaches; insomnia; peculiar characteristic of the pains of this remedy is that they alternate sides; trembling; anxiety about health; very hungry, cannot eat enough to satisfy; as hungry after eating as before; faintness and sinking feeling in the stomach; dislike of tight clothing and stuffiness; light headed, floating sensations makes them feel as if they are going to faint. Very complaining during peri-menopause and menopause. Nervous, restless, cannot sit still, fidgety hands. Indifference and disgust for life. Fear that they will never recover. Intense fears about cancer and heart disease; can't think of anything but own condition. Forgets how to talk; stammering and difficult speech. Thinks everyone looks down on them and feels insulted. Thinks everything they say is a lie. Symptoms are Better from: when busy mentally and physically; and Worse from: emotions, anger, fright, worry, grief, mental exertion, night, 2 a.m., summer, new moon, unsatisfied sexual desire, sexual excess, summer, hot weather. Remedy Interactions & Antidotes Kali bromatum [KALI-BR]-- Antidoted by: NUX-V, HELON, CAMPH, ZINC; vegetable acids, oils. It Antidotes: lead poisoning. Compatible: CROT-T.