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  Все о гомеопатии Psoriasis - Bach and Biochemic Remedies
By Shalini Kagal

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Talk to anyone who suffers from this condition and you’ll hear how they’ve tried everything, simply everything and there’s just no cure. Which is why it would be better to try and accept the fact that psoriasis is very hard, if not impossible, to cure but it can be managed. It is up to the person who suffers to decide to choose which option to go with to manage and control this condition.
First, let’s take a look at the causes. The problem is, no one knows for sure. It’s all a question of what could be the cause, never what it is for sure. It could be stress, it could be shock, it could be an allergy. All these could provide the triggers to set off this condition. Psoriasis is not infectious and it can be controlled – though it does require patience and perseverance. What are the options when it comes to treating psoriasis? Doctors usually prescribe a topical cream containing steroids and while this does control it for a while, it usually flares up again once the course is over. One line of treatment that has seen good results is treatment with UV light.
Natural ways to treat psoriasis are exposure to sunlight, drinking a lot of water everyday, doing away with processed foods, eating more fruits and vegetables and cutting out or cutting down on meats, alcohol and cigarettes. While spices are to be generally avoided, the spice Turmeric has been found to be very effective in minimizing the symptoms of psoriasis. Turmeric is available in capsule form if the powder is not available to be added to the food. The oil of avocado is gentle and soothing when applied to the skin, as is aloe vera gel and warm cabbage leaves are a soothing compress.
The Bach and Biochemic way Both Bach as well as Biochemic remedies are not really cures – they act like tonics for the mind and the body to get the body back into a state of balance for good health. Why should two different lines of treatment be combined? One comes from flowers, the other is comprised of tissue or cell salts. Well, Bach remedies act on the mind and on feelings so the emotional and mental states of the person attain a degree of calm. Biochemic remedies tackle physical deficiencies and help the body get back into a state of balance on the physical plane. When both areas are dealt with, healing is usually better.
Let’s take a look at the Bach remedy that is right for this condition. The one to be used is: Crab Apple This flower remedy gently but effectively makes the person accept himself and makes him stop thinking of his condition as ‘dirty’. You can buy the Bach flower remedy Crab Apple in the liquid form at your local natural health store or you could order it online. The usual size is a 10 ml glass bottle with a dropper. Now take a litre of water and put 2 drops of the liquid in it. Remember to use a glass or a stainless steel container for the water, never plastic. Take a few sips from this liquid through the day (except at mealtimes) and stretch this litre of liquid over 4 days – so that’s 250 ml of this liquid a day. Do remember to drink plenty of plain water as well through the day and keep to a simple and nutritious diet.
Now for the Biochemic remedies - you need two of these. They are: Calcarea Fluor 12x Kali Sulph 6x You need to start off by taking 2 tablets of Calcarea Fluor and 2 tablets of Kali Sulph, 5 minutes apart, thrice a day. That would be morning, afternoon and night. Do remember to make sure you don’t drink or eat anything for 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after taking the tablets. (If it is a liquid, us 1 drop in 50 ml of water and take 5 ml as one dose. Store in the refrigerator). You’ll know in a few days if this line of treatment is working or not because your skin will start feeling and looking a lot better. If it does work on you, you’ll need to keep taking it for a long time. After two months, you can reduce the doses to just twice a day – morning and night, supplemented by the Crab Apple enriched water. Some forms of psoriasis do not respond to any kind of treatment – however, these gentle remedies have no after effects and will not harm you in any way. Most people who suffer from this condition, though, will find relief with these remedies. Here’s hoping you are one of them.