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  Все о гомеопатии Menopause - Biochemic and Bach Remedies
By Shalini Kagal

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It’s that time of life that makes you feel you’ve come to the end of the road – and yet, nothing can be further from the truth. For most women, this is the point when they feel they’re old but menopause is just a milestone, nothing more. You cannot and must not let it become the monster it isn’t. True, there are changes but this is so of any phase in life. Like puberty which takes you from childhood to womanhood, menopause too is just a stepping stone into a new phase of your life. For some, they wake up one morning and they’re into the next phase in life. For others, the going’s slow and the interim phase could last a few years. All you need to do is to try and manage or cope with the problems that any change brings along with it. It helps if you look at it from a positive perspective – the beginning of a new kind of freedom.
Conventional physicians would no doubt advise you to try HRT or hormone replacement therapy. While this could be necessary for some when the changes are too painful to bear, for most women, this is a natural cycle and after a while, the symptoms just disappear. What are the usual symptoms of menopause? Some get hot flashes and night sweats, some have trouble sleeping, some have a few more aches and pains than usual, some have to run to the loo more often, some have much dryer skin and many have mood swings. If none of the symptoms are bad enough to warrant medical help, the best way to go about it is to accept it and deal with it. Of course if you can laugh about it and carry on, nothing could be better!
There are a number of natural remedies that help you cope with the hormonal changes and the physical changes that menopause brings with it. Drink lots of water (you might need to go more often but at least you feel better and there aren’t as many hot flashes). Primrose oil capsules, flaxseed, soy sprouts and a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits help. You need moderate exercise so walk or swim a bit every day. You also need a rich cream for your skin to keep dryness at bay. You need to make sure that you get the required quantity of vitamins and minerals during this time. Vitamin E and Calcium are very important.
The Bach and Biochemic way Both Bach remedies as well as Biochemic remedies treat menopause as a natural milestone and just help it along with as few undesirable symptoms as possible. They are like tonics and they bring the body back into a state of balance so that it can naturally go from one stage to another. Together, they take care to keep the balance in the body both emotionally as well as physically. Start taking them as soon as you notice changes in your menstrual cycle and keep taking them till you feel completely all right.
Here is the Bach remedy recommended for menopause: Walnut Walnut is the remedy for change – any change. So it is great during puberty, when you’re moving, when you’re travelling and of course, when you are going through menopause. Three tablets a day once a day is all it takes to help your menopausal symptoms to become much easier to bear. It reduces the hot flashes and night sweats, it helps with the aches and it contains the mood swings.
And here is the Biochemic remedy: Kali Phos This is a remedy for the mind and brain. Kali Phos 6x keeps the brain cells young and active and this goes a long way to helping to cope with menopause. Take four tablets once a day and make sure you take it at least half an hour before or after you take the Walnut tablets. If you suffer from insomnia, take a second dose of four tablets just before you get into bed.
Очень интересная тема, но жалко, что не на русском.
Ленок, здесь советуют при менопаузе употреблять побольше воды, овощей и фруктов, делать физические упражнения /ну это все шаблонные предписания/, а также принимать капсулы с маслом примулы - Primrose Oil, льняное семя, витамин Е и кальций. Из Баховых капель рекомендуют принимать Walnut /Грецкий орех/, N 33 в Баховом списке /если мне не изменяет память, я их тоже ложила в состав комплекса /. Из Солей Шуслера рекомендуют принимать Kali Phos 6 x - принимать 4 таблетки раз в день /для клеток мозга/. Таблетки принимать как минимум пол часа перед или после того, как принимаются баховые капли. Если же страдаеш от бессоницы, принимать и вторую дозу, тоже 4 таблетки - перед тем, как лечь в постель. Лен, Соли Шуслера, у вас там должны быть, да и Walnut из Баховской серии тоже. Я то могу тебе Баха выслать, но если высылать, то лучше комплекс мешать, чтоб тебе к примеру, 5-6-7 разных капель не покупать, смысл просто будет для пересылки. А если только одно лекарство нужно, лучше, думаю на месте посмотреть
Вот так выглядят соли Шуслера, они в коробочках, есть и в меньшем граммаже, это именно тот самый Kali Phos 6 x /или может быть написано D6, это то же самое/. Только у меня на коробочке все написано на немецком, так как тащила из Австрии
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