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  Все о гомеопатии Homeopathic Remedies for Sleep

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Aconit 9CH Insomnia after a fright. Actea Racemosa 9CH During menstruation Arsenicum Album 9CH When anxious and agitated
Belladona 9CH Insomnia despite being really sleepy
Cocculus indicus 9CH After several sleepless nights Coffea 9CH Because you have lots of ideas spinning around in the head or After having drunk coffee or After some good news
Gelsemium 9CH For fear of not sleeping or After receiving bad news
Nux Vomica 9CH After too much alcohol or eating too much
Sulfur 9CH Due to feet burning
Stramonium 9CH For fear of the dark
Ignatia 9CH When upset
Zincum Metallicum 9CH Because of restless legs
Theridion 9CH Sensitive to the slightest noise http://www.sleeptips.org/homeopathy.html