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  Все о гомеопатии Homeopathic Remedies for Colic

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Homeopathy offers numerous remedies to aid the digestion of babies and treat colic. Colic is manifested by a griping pain in the bowels that can cause an infant to bend double or pull up his feet. Gas or belching can alleviate colic, but some infants are more prone to colic than others. About 20% of babies experience colic. Symptoms can start as soon as three months of age, possibly triggered by the development of the digestive system. With crying lasting over three hours a day, mothers everywhere are in need of a solution. Symptoms of colic vary from child to child, but most infants will pull up their legs to their abdomen and become red in the face from crying. Their feet may be cold, or their hands clenched. Homoeopathic remedies can be used to treat acute colic. Observe the child to see if they are bending double, if they prefer touch or no touch, what position they are comfortable in, what is their mood, what color is their stool. These are the indicators that help differentiate homeopathic remedies for colic.
Chamomile Chamomile is one of the most common remedies for infant colic. Chamomile colic will produce a green stool, and the child may have one or both cheeks red, along with hot sweat and constant crying. A distended stomach is an indicator type of colic that needs Chamomile.
Pulsatilla Pulsatilla colic displays a tender abdomen with rumbling from the gas. The child is cold and has a pale face. Eating ice cream, fatty foods, or fruit will trigger this type of colic. The child is peevish and nothing satisfies them. They may hiccough, especially at night. They will have much gas and dry mouth but no thirst. No two stools will be alike, if Pulsatilla is the remedy needed.
Sulphur The child needing Sulphur is worse from 9 pm to midnight. They are better being carried or riding in the car. They may also have an earache or toothache from teething accompanying the colic.
Aconite Aconite treats a child who has diarrhea with the colic and cannot find any position that makes them feel comfortable. They may have a white tongue and be very thirsty. Stools may be the color of clay.
Calcarea carbonicum Calcarea colic is common in children with delayed dentition and those who want to nurse all the time but do not thrive. They become colicky whenever they eat, and they can refuse to eat. They can have a delayed closing of the fontenelles as well.
Colcynth The child needing Colocynth is better lying on their stomach, but will cry if they are moved from this position. Pains are better from hard pressure, like Belladonna. Stools will be loose, liquid, and gassy.
Nux vomica Nux treats a colic that is brought on by eating. Child can be constipated and gassy, with pain around the navel whenever he eats anything. If a nursing mother eats food that disagrees with the child, Nux can be remedy. They can have diarrhea after drinking milk as well. Child can have dry skin, lips, and mouth and be sensitive to damp and cold, feeling chilly from exposure to the cold. They are better when they are kept warm, and from walking around. Hands and feet will both feel cold.
China The remedy China, or Cinchona, will make the child double up, but this will relieve the symptoms. The abdomen will be enlarged, and the child will be nauseous as well. Fruits can cause this type of colic in an infant.
Belladonna If the child does not want the belly touched lightly but is relieved by hard pressure on the abdomen, this calls for Belladonna. Pains appear and disappear suddenly as well, but they are intense and shooting.
Podophyllum Podophyllum treats severe colic, with a great deal of diarrhea. The stool is watery and gushing. Teething children may experience diarrhea that produces colic needing Podophyllum. The indicator is a child with loose stools, who is teething and presses his teeth or gums together for relief.
Arsenicum If the food passes undigested, look to Arsenicum. The stools are smelly, and the child is very anxious who needs this remedy. They cry while nursing and after. The Arsenicum child is very restless. Homeopathy has many remedies to soothe the pains of colic. Over the counter remedies in 6C or 30C potencies can provide relief. (If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.) Melanie Grimes http://www.healthnews.com/blogs/melanie-grimes/natural-health/alternative-medicine/